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1 year Duration

Level 1 syllabus (For Kids)

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  • 42 letter sounds - identification of capital and small letters
  • Identification of objects and sounds related to each objects - beginning , middle and ending sounds.
  • 2 to 6 letter words - reading and knowing spellings.
  • Phonics families and Rhyming words
  • Blends and Digraphs - beginning , ending and missing sounds.
  • Tricky words
  • Sentences - Reading and more
1 year Duration

Level 2 syllabus (For Kids)

Regarding   Fees   please   call   on   9167841112

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  • 44 letter sounds - identification of capital and small letters
  • Identification of objects and sounds related to each objects - beginning and ending sounds
  • Short Vowels, long vowels and alternate vowels - sounds and spellings.
  • Spelling Rules Ck rule, Ending k sound rule,   Soft and hard c rule, Soft and hard g rule,   Y rules,   Wa rule,  Qua rule,   bossy r rule,   floss rule,   rabbit rule,   111 rule,   shy I and toughy y rule and more
  • Blends , digraphs, trigraphs and quadgraphs - beginning , ending and missing sounds.
  • Tricky words
  • Alterantive spellings
  • Sentences reading
  • Stretchy sentences
  • Story elements
  • Sentence segmentation
  • Basic Grammar Articles a and an,   This and that ,   Nouns,   Pronouns,   Verbs ,   Adjectives
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Course Summary

The Phonics training teaches various approaches, tricks and strategies to the trainee teacher to enable her to get the students learn it without much hardship. Teachers learn how to introduce Phonics through various phonological and phonemic activities in order to ensure literacy development of children. The phonics training at Phonics Bliss unlocks every teacher’s potential to achieve greater success in the classroom while teaching English language to the children.

Who Should Join?

who would like to open their own classes.

Who would like to upgrade and update their knowledge in phonics.

Who wish to take tutions.

Women entrepreneurs in school in any section.

Who would like to teach their kids.


Scope/Job Prospect

Make yourself and your kids more confident with their pronunciation and vocabulary which inturn changes the way you communicate with people and how they perceive you.

Can become a trainer to help others become a trainer, inturn have their own setup.

A phonics curriculum designer

A participation certificate with ISO and MSME mark

Homeschooling parents who can impart right knowledge of phonics to their kids and bring about a major change in their child's life

Have a succesfull life..

It's endearing to know that there has been a consistent high demand for a quality phonics teacher to mold you through the journey of phonics. You can not only create an opportunity for yourself, but also enable endless people.

This is exactly what we do here at Phonics Bliss, where knowledge is power and sky is the limit.

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Curriculum Overview

PHONICS BLISS ANNOUNCES 5- Days Intensive Phonics teacher training programme [10hrs total ]

  • 16 spelling rules with activities

  • 42+Sounds, Actions, Stories and Songs

  • Phonological awareness

  • What is phonemic awareness?

  • What is phonics?

  • Why phonics is important?

  • What are graphemes ?

  • What are phonemes?

  • What are Mur Mur diphthongs?

  • Stretchy sentences

  • Diagraphs, Trigraphs and Quad graphs

  • Diphthongs

  • Spelling Rules

  • Multi-Sensory Activities

  • Creative Art and Crafts & Assignments

  • What is syllable types and pronunciation?

  • What is a schwa?

  • What is a syllable and what are pronunciation rules?

  • Story elements and activities

  • Classroom readiness

  • Orthographic mapping

  • Rhotic and Non-rhotic accent

  • Reading readiness

  • Blending and Segmenting

  • Tricky words

  • Articulation of the sounds

  • Songs

Take away


42 sounds ppt with 300 animated slides with activities


(42sounds) Flashcards(PDF) for class use

Phonics time table

Personalised phonics fact notes

Letter Formation Sheet Pdf


MSME and ISO participation Certificate

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