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Learn the foundation of English literacy and know the secret of codes in English language

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  • What is a schwa ?
  • What is synthetic phonics?
  • How many sounds are there in English language ?

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Krutika Jasani - Director at Phonics Bliss


Phonics Teacher Training Program

Phonics Bliss Training course shows teachers how to teach phonics, which is learning to read and write based on the knowledge of sounds. It uses engaging, vibrant ways to keep the kids engrossed. Trainer uses PowerPoint slideshows and fun activities to deliver the lessons. The course enables the trainee teachers to become experts at Phonics and it guides them to empower children with phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. Teachers will learn new techniques to teach the pupils. At Phonics Bliss teachers will know the secrets of English phonetic knowledge.

The phonics codebreaker

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  • Digraph means

    A combination of two letters representing one sound, as in ‘’ph’’in phone and ‘’sh’’ in ship

  • Trigraphs

    3 letters representing one sound, as in ‘’igh’’ in high and tch in batch.

  • Quad graphs

    4 letters representing one sound, as in ‘’augh’’ in daughter and ‘’eigh’’in eight

  • Phoneme means

    An individual speech sound that we hear and not what we see.

  • Grapheme means

    Letter or a combination of letters that represents one sound. Graphemes could be 1 to 4 letters long.

  • Phonological awareness

    Is the ability to hear and manipulate units of sounds in spoken language which includes the concept of words, syllables, alliteration, rhyming words and onsets and rimes.

  • Phonemic awareness

    Hearing the individual sounds in words. It includes Isolating sounds, blending sounds, deleting sounds, segmenting sounds, adding phonemes and substituting sounds.

8 ways of reading

Why Phonics Is Important?

Phonics Teaching is Essential for growing children as it teaches them the following:

  • It teaches kids how to decode words.

  • It sets the alphabetic principle.

  • It enables them to understand how spellings work.

  • It helps students understand sounds these letters make.

  • Kids develop an ear for language.

  • It helps them become good readers and spellers.

  • Allows students to link unfamiliar print to their spoken language.

Phonics audio guide

18 Digraph sounds

Course Benefits

  • Make your pronunciation more like native speakers.

  • Upgrade your knowledge with more than basic phonics.

  • Be confident while speaking.

  • Understand how the language works.

  • Learn how to articulate the sounds.

  • Only at phonics bliss

What Our Students Have to Say


I liked your voice modulation and the way you teach.. superb!!
I am enjoying like a small kid. Very beautiful session I like so much, I am fresher of this course

Uma Ssrvm

From India

Never thought that English can be so interesting to study... thank u for making it so easy. Good to know that even English has rules to follow Childhood queries are getting clear at this age Yup...wish we had a teacher like u in our school days.

Dr Rajkiran

From India

It’s a great session Ma’am to clear all basic concepts before starting thr phonics.

Dipali Peppy

From India

Thank you soo much mam.... The session was an awesome .... May Allah bless you..... n all of us too


From India

Thank you miss Krutika for this lovely session you are an amazing teacher and your teaching methods really been appreciated great voice modulation. We learnt many more new things. #Gratitude


From India

Thank u so much for your wonderful session mam. I really admire ur teaching way and actions the fees is reasonable to learn this kind of amazing sessions. Your way of teaching is so georgous.


From India

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